Theme Nights

Theme Nights have become a Jam Cruise tradition, giving cruisers a chance to dress up and let their party spirit fly! Whether it be a color, a time period, a movie setting, or anything else our funky hearts desire, Theme Nights always bring the fun up to a new level. The Theme Nights will be announced in the months leading up to Jam Cruise 13 allowing plenty of time to get costumes and flair together. 

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements for Jam Cruise 14, read on for more info from Jam Cruise 13…

Metallic Night 

Join us for an incredibly starry night when all cruisers will shine in the LD’s light! Galactic best slap on some shades as our shimmern’ n’ boogying bodies bounce pretty lights up to the stage! With the atmosphere illuminated by our metallic chromed-selves, we’ll morph into a giant, funky disco ball, as we jam our way across the ocean. All the googly-eyes in the galaxy will turn on us as we take it to 13 and bring out the BLING, the SHINE & the brighter than ever SHEEN!

Party Animal

Get ready to RAWR! Don your feathers, scales & furs and let your wild side run free. Channel your spirit animal or favorite furry friend and gather your pack. Let your inner animal loose but BEWARE: It’s a jam jungle out there!! 

Very Superstitious

The radical 70’s will be groovin’ its way across the ocean as we celebrate our Very Superstitious 13th cruise! Put on some righteous threads and honor your flower power in low rise bell bottoms or that psychedelic polyester suit and get down wit da boogie - the soul train is bumpin’ and jivin’ right into the funkiest era! Let’s get it on, and PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC!