ACH Payments


Never miss a payment or have to worry about late fees again by enrolling in the automatic payment plan.  By enrolling, you are authorizing Cloud 9 Adventures to manage your remaining payments for Jam Cruise using ACH payments directly from your checking account. Aside from not having to worry about remembering when your payments are due and taking action, you will have four equal payments rather than two and they will always be made on time without having to think about it! 

Here’s how it works . . .

Once you have paid your initial deposit by credit card you can enroll in the Automatic Billing (ACH) Program by contacting the Cloud 9 Adventures Travel Team at (561) 368-8922 or at to request an Enrollment Form.  There is a $5 fee per ACH transaction.  

The form will require the name on the bank account, the bank's routing number and the checking account number (you will also be asked to provide a “voided” check).

The remaining balance will be divided into equal payments based on the amount of time between the time you enroll and the final payment date.

Payment dates for Jam Cruise are as follows:

Deposit paid by Credit Card:  May 14th or 15th

1st  ACH Payment:  June 18th

2nd ACH Payment:  July 16th

3rd ACH Payment:  August 20th

4th ACH Final/Payment:  September 17th